Life-changing experience

Life-changing experience is a phrase usually associated with something good that happens, although every once in a while you hear about people who have something bad happen to them describe it as life-changing because experiencing the bad made them appreciate the good.  I’m certainly not there yet, might never be.  As I went through my bedtime prep routine, I went into the kitchen for a glass of water and appreciated Fletcher wiping down the counter after loading the dishwasher.  I couldn’t help but think: good thing he already routinely does that so it won’t be something more he has to do when I am incapacitated. And as I crawled into bed tonight I appreciated the crispness of the sheets (the sheets I’d just put on because one of the cats peed on my bed, which I definitely didn’t appreciate). I hugged, as I always do, Ralphie who was next to me, as he always is, and I appreciated him too. He pretended not to appreciate my hug, as he always does, then he executed his post-hug penis lick, as he always does.  Not sure what that is about but its weird.  I am still trying to determine if the lump that has occupied my throat for the past 2 weeks has any redeeming qualities beyond helping me to appreciate the fact that not having a lump in my throat would be really nice.


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