Good day yesterday, good day today

Good day yesterday, good day today.  Good day yesterday because, although pathology showed that most of the 28 lymph nodes dissected were diseased, my CT and Bone Scan were both clear.  Huge sigh of relief.  So basically my lymph system did its job and prevented the cancer from spreading elsewhere in my body.  Dr. G says she’s seen good outcomes with these same circumstances.  Next stop Medical Oncology on Monday, which of course coincides with a predicted snow/ice storm.  This is the norm it seems.  Every single appointment in NY (there have been 10 appointments over the past 7 weeks) has been during a snow or ice storm; the one day that it wasn’t snowy it was ridiculously cold and windy.

Good day today because, although I spent it recovering from my trip to NY yesterday, which sounds ridiculous but unfortunately is true, and although my accomplishments consisted of walking the dog for 15 minutes and taking a shower (the highlight of which was shaving my armpits for the first time in 2 weeks), my friends Karen and Tessie visited, bearing gifts from people at work.  Really it was overwhelming.  They brought flowers and food and a card signed by about a thousand people, accompanied by a wad of cash that will certainly help defray travel costs to and from NY which I was starting to worry about.  I was glad Fletcher got to meet them because they are two of my favorite people.

Yesterday on the train home I re-read a story by Karen Russell, Proving Up, from Vampires in the Lemon Grove.  She is amazing in case you haven’t read her.  I re-read it because tomorrow I want to try to write, hopefully something more interesting than this piece, and I find her inspiring.  If I can get back into the story I have in the works then – trifecta! – I’ll also have a good day tomorrow.

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