While we were in NYC on Friday at a doctor’s appointment

While we were in NYC on Friday at a doctor’s appointment, Mom and Gail came over and cleaned both patios and left a new, anti-gravity lounge chair as a Mother’s Day gift! This means I no longer have to piece the big heavy wooden chairs together to pretend they are one so I can put my feet up, and no longer have to schlep and reposition them both to get out of the sun. A wonderful, thoughtful gift! But perhaps best of all, and not realized until a few days later, was what they did on the side patio, off the kitchen. I’d forgotten how overgrown it was with ivy, and forgotten about that big pile of leaves that had tumbled-weeded itself into the corner. I realized both were gone. That was a lot of work! And on each patio they left a ceramic pot of flowers. I guess they were inspired by my story of my effort to sweep while sitting, where I actually fell asleep mid-sweep with the broom in my hand. Thanks Gail and Mom!

photo 1

A few weeks ago, when I was lamenting how I was gaining pounds and losing fitness, Fletcher suggested that I set a fitness goal to shoot for after treatment. His idea: the NJ Grand Fondo in September. My initial reaction was I can’t, I won’t be done treatment by September. I’ll likely be doing radiation then. When I pointed out that there is no way I could do a 100-mile bike tour even pre-cancer, he reminded me that they have lower mileage options too. So at that point I’m thinking maybe I could do 30 miles while doing radiation, I have no idea how I’ll feel. The next thing I know, I open my Mother’s Day gift from Fletcher and it is a new crank set, with a 50/34 (a.k.a. granny gears). So now I have no excuse! Thanks Fletcher (I think).

photo 2

So to summarize, the woman who fell asleep while sweeping her patio is going to get on her bike. This could be bad.

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