A blast from the past arrived by mail last week.

A blast from the past arrived by mail last week. My old friend Jules Spills sent a get-well card, along with a gigantic, squashed Tootsie Roll.


It’s probably been close to 15 years since I’ve seen Jules. Years ago Jules found numerous occasions to pen some creative verses, which he may be surprised to know I still have stashed away somewhere. I wish I had the energy to dig them out, as I know they would be as entertaining as this new one is. I thought I’d reproduce what he sent here for the amusement of my friends who know him and who may read this. It is classic Jules. It confirms that he is still the self-depreciating Jules we all know and love. I hope someone lets Jules know how very much I appreciated his card and how much it cheered me up to hear from him.

Here is what was written inside the card:

I’m sure you’ve heard all the tired litanies of sympathy and shock and encouragement, of that I have no doubt.

And I already know you’re so awesome and tough that everything’s going to be fine, so that’s not what this rhyme is about.

I think what you need is an adage that my family and friends say when things seem really bleak, when you feel you’re rowing without a paddle up the proverbial shit’s creek:

When the effects from the chemotherapy make you want to scream,

When you’re pissed that you can’t bike or run without running out of steam,

When everyone coddles you like you’re a baby when you want to be treated just like before,

When you have to wear a hat to keep your head warm before you walk out the door,

When you’re tired of taking all the pills and following all the rules,

When the nurses and the doctors and Fletcher, as usual, all seem like complete fools,

Just remember this when everything seems so grim that you feel you’re at the bottom of the deepest pools:

It could always be worse, you could be Jules.

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One Response to A blast from the past arrived by mail last week.

  1. OMG! Classic Jules, God bless him. He has a way with rhyme and his thought process is spot on.
    Glad to learn your chemo is completed, Linda.

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