What really happens during radiation therapy:

What really happens during radiation therapy:

“Not sure why my kin staked a claim here in Cleavage Valley, Linda County. There was pesticides and alcohol from back in the day, but not ‘nough for those pioneers to write home about. Sure as heck not ‘nough to mutate about. I wouldn’ta claimed it myself. Been too much gestation and lactation ‘round here for my taste. Too much clean livin’. But, hot dang! Was there estrogen! The Cancer clan weren’t rock scientists but even they knew dropped roots would grow here.

Well it was a good ‘nough place, that is until the Major Mastectomy of 2014. Thing came down like a scalpel out of nowhere. Place right ‘cross the street – gone. Just missed us over here. Some folks got spooked, moved on down the Metastatic Trail to try to settle elsewhere. After they’d gone we heard scuttlebutt of chemicals in the hinterlands, horrible chemicals that must have eventually killed those folks ‘cause we never heard from them no more.

We been trying to get by ever since. Must admit I begun to lose hope. Just before the Major Mastectomy of 2014, I recollect that there weren’t no elbow bending no more. What little pesticides there was stopped, no bisphenol-A, no phthalates. Soon after, the estrogen dwindled off to nothin’. Weird’s what it was. Bad enough, but lately there’s somethin’ worse, much worse: it’s the climate change.


Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Army Corp of Engineers

Each day’s hotter than the last, as though the sun’s radiation is ‘tensifying. Those beams makes it so we can’t do nothin’. It’s damaging our DNA, dagnabbit! So hot ain’t nobody can re-pro-duce. What’s already planted can’t grow, it’s fixing to whither and die. Hate to be an old croaker but I fear for our future! This keeps up we’ll be fried directly. What with the ones lost in the Major Mastectomy of 2014, those that took the Metastatic Trail and was killed by the chemicals, and us left here to die in the radiation, that’ll be the end of the line for the Cancer clan. Any who survive won’t prosper without the estrogen. Can’t even circle the wagons…..

If I’d been ‘round I could a told them homesteadin’ ancestors ‘o mine that Cleavage Valley, Linda County, weren’t no place to settle. Estrogen or no, too much clean livin’. And now we’re paying. Gonna shrivel up and die in a beam of ions. Busted…..”


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2 Responses to What really happens during radiation therapy:

  1. Visualization. And humor. Perfect.

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