Random Things

Random things I thought I’d share…..

My CT results look great, and all 80+ cancer-related genetic mutations that they looked for in my genome were negative, including BRCA. Somatic results (tests on my tumor) aren’t back yet.

Living one day at a time, one hour at a time, is back. Because of the pain, not so much the cancer.  Pain management is an occupation.  It makes me forget I have cancer. Then the meds kick in and I remember. But I also remember that I have to clean the rabbit cage, gather tax info, do yoga and write something. Chop wood, carry water.

Those parts of my body that I was told will never regain feeling due to nerve damage during mastectomy & node removal? No one told the pain. Interesting.

There is a huge difference between these two side effects: May cause drowsiness and May cause fatigue.  Drowsiness means that instead of falling asleep during a super interesting TV show at exactly 9:20 pm I will fall asleep at 8:30.  Fatigue is something different all together.  Fatigue is sitting down in the shower before you fall down.  Fatigue is sitting down in front of the stove while you are cooking, and having trouble explaining why you are sitting on the kitchen floor.  It is trying not to drool. You should not try to take a walk while experiencing fatigue or this will happen:


Never, never take Oxycontin.  I am going to ask them to put that in my allergy list, although I don’t think what I experienced was an allergy. And it wasn’t the fatigue I’d experienced with the prior drug. I would characterize it as a bad trip. I was prepared this time for the constipation and started a “bowel regimen” right away, so that wasn’t the issue.  And I only took 2 doses before I was switched to two different drugs, which each listed drowsiness as a side effect. (I worried: do two drowsies equal one fatigue? The answer is no.) With all due respect to those dealing with opioid addition, I could not wrap my head around how anyone could become addicted to that stuff. It is evil. I will never take it again.

We’re gonna need a bigger refrigerator. This is half of a winter share at our CSA, mind you. Imagine what summer will bring. “Greens management” is now a thing added to my To Do List.


Finally, on a daily basis my honeybun tries his best to make sure we consume all the greens we possibly can, as well as all the blueberries within a 5 mile radius. He just brought me this:


Bon appetite!

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