First Off, Let Me Remind Everyone

First off, let me remind everyone that you can’t control your dreams, so no judging. The only part I remember is walking up to the side of our house where the brick patio is off our kitchen and seeing a black man standing there dressed completely in black – black jeans and black hoodie with the hood up, partly obscuring his face. I immediately assumed it was death coming again to taunt me.  The last time death dropped by he was in his prototypical black robe so I must have just thought, you know, he was changing it up a bit. Then I realized he was assessing how to improve our front garden, was an employee of Mark, our landscaper friend.  I’m sure he was surprised when my dream-self ran up and hugged him and started crying. I probably explained to him that I was glad he was not death….so I’m sure that cleared things up for him. Again, this was a dream people.



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