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I swam 11 steroid-fueled laps today

I swam 11 steroid-fueled laps today, a much more enjoyable way to increase my range of motion than physical therapy. (I won’t say how long it took me.) Then I cleaned the bedroom, including Sweetie’s vomitorium under the bed. Ah, … Continue reading

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Her long hair flows gently in the breeze.

Her long hair flows gently in the breeze.  Petite legs moving quickly carry her home.  As she moves out of my view I envy the Cat on the high windowsill in the dining room, for he can still see her. … Continue reading

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A cat with gilded paws

A cat with gilded paws is not a creature with which one should wrestle. Especially if you are limited to a post-surgical weight restriction of five pounds and that cat is an excessively fat, seemingly boneless, ameboid being.  Despite my … Continue reading

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